” Honestly one of the greatest groups really makes you feel like a family. The support alone is worth. Swayze really goes out of his way to teach you everything you need to cook.”

– Doit123123

“Never disappointed. First group I ever joined and I will not go to another. Amazing support, always there for me and pure happiness. Everything on point. I won’t say more until YOU join. Big up OnlyF&F”

– Markx

“Well since knowing Swayze for about 2-3 yrs. from the beginning of another group I will like to say that he is very passionate person on everything he does from small projects to big. He will take time from copping just to help and teach others the game from beginning to end, I will say that because I have seen it but have also needed his help and he’s been there to help. Now that he has his own group you will see the effort he puts on the group and teach does that are new to the game, This is OFF and it’s called OFF for a reason because we all are and feel like a Family gathering specially on drop days and nights. won’t trade this group for anything.”

– Tone144#0823

“This is my first group and compared to the others this group is very friendly and everyone does really try to help each other.”

– @dailyshoefrenzy

“I have made me over 2k in 3 month of joining the resell game not alot but for just joining i appreciate the help and things you have helped me learn look forward to sticking with y’all”

– Popvesta

” I really enjoy joining off. In the past few days it has helped me cop cyber with their advice and monitors. I feel like joining partially changed my life in another good direction.”

– DanishCookie

“OFF is one of the first groups I ever joined and I learned so much within 2 months of this group. I learned so much that I was able to cop stuff myself, and help other people cop too. This is a genuine family place where it’s more than just reselling.”

“This cook group brings all the information and guides you need to cop every shoe that holds resale value. They give recommendations on things like bots and delays to use, and have important advantages that some cook groups simply don’t have access to such as early links.”

“This is the type of group that goes beyond just reselling and staring at monitors. It is as the group name states. Its a family. To the point you know every single 100+ member within the group due to the high activity and encouragement. Support goes a long way to make the group more interesting and informative with free food, raffles, group buys, exclusive to off members deals, and more. You tell me if you can find a cook group that will teach you 1:1 with you for hours, talk to you one of your parents because they are concerned about the risk you are taking, or help you with your personal business/company on necessary marketing needs or customer offers. Overall Its a chill, and fun group, but when its time to cook, its going to be extremely serious, focused and demanding because the group cares about your performance.”

– J.huyn

“So lucky that I joined this group and never doubted to stay. Without this group and Swayze running it wouldn’t know anything about this game. OFF is not just a cook group but a Family!So many support all ready to help. Swayze will sacrifice a drop just to help a member, His tough love guides us to do better and work harder. Where can you find a group that most of the members are on voice during the drop day!”

– Pinoy

“OFF has helped me from knowing almost nothing and trying to cop manually to being able to cop manually with a high success rate and also taught me how to bot and everything else I know or will need to know. The support and the family feeling is like no other group out there. We are Only Friends and Family.”

– Healspam