Our premium Shopify monitors are powered by the two best providers in the game, Guap + Zephyr. Both offer quick task features to launch your bot at the click of a button, autofill with add to cart links that will get you to the checkout page instantly if you’re quick enough to beat the queue. Ultimately saving you time and energy your success is significantly higher with access to these resources. We take pride in not missing a release, and restocks are where the money is made. Over 200+ shopify sites are being monitored 24/7, filtered for keywords to maximize your checkout potential. There is no competition when it comes down to this feature. The best groups don’t have multiple providers, trust that we’re here to win. Extremely fast speeds, sites always being updated, no missed drops and restocks, you don’t want to miss out. 


Adidas: US | UK | CA
Nike: US | UK | CN | JP | CA | RU

We provide you with monitors for Adidas/Nike drops around the globe. When Nike drops the image for you to scratch, you will know which to scratch before the release. We have multiple monitors for both to always guarantee nothing is missed, and best of all catching those restocks. Provided by GUAP + Zephyr, you won’t miss a drop guaranteed. Early notifications, sizes, stock numbers, are all available for Nike. Adidas stock bot for multiple regions. Adidas carts for easy checkouts. More features than we can fit, you’ll sleep good knowing you’ve secured the most hyped releases by being informed and having access to the best resources on the market as well as custom tools to separate us from the rest.


Sivas | Solebox | Off-White | Porter | Soto | SSense | Mesh + Restocks (Foot Patrol) | BSTN | END | FYE | Forbidden Planet | Boxlunch | Hot Topic | 100+ sites 

Many other monitors are available!

3 AIO Monitors to cover all the sites that other groups don’t have. Main releases as well as restocks, members continue to flex their copped items that very few people run for. This is one of our best assets and something you don’t want to miss out on. You call it lunch money, we call it mortgage payments.


OFF literally stands for {Only Friends & Family}. Respectful staff and members alike, we do not allow anyone to be made fun of for wanting to learn. We will prepare you as best we could, but it all comes down to your will. Tons of information, support, discussions, and knowledgeable people, your best interest is always at heart. Join to build genuine relationships with like minded people. You are the priority.

Shopify including KITH, Magento, Mesh, all early links you can think of are provided via specific release channels for every drop. Each early link comes with variants when possible. We have an in house scraper for all sites including very limited and low key drops. Besides our custom scraper, Fulcrum Info Solutions has a plan of attack for every release. You will always be prepared with ATC (add to cart) links and other resources that give you that edge when it’s very much needed. We got you covered!


Our staff and members have an extensive background in reselling. Many of us run our own businesses now using this information. Advice from staff, members, and our partners, this information can be found in it’s respective channel. If you need more details pertaining to a specific item and it’s potential, you are always welcome to ask and start a discussion. Learn the market, understand trends, and profit while having fun! Understanding the history of sneakers and merch gives you an upper hand in this competitive game. Partnered with different providers, you will always know how to make the right move to maximize profits and minimize losses.