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Filled with information for you to learn the game in depth and have fun while doing it. Our staff is known for 1:1 assistance, our members are all friendly and welcoming, our partners offer discounts, while we help you make money and acquire that hyped item you’ve got your eyes on!


Release Information

We always try to provide you with the necessary resources to cook such as tutorials, links, tools, release calendars, keywords, tons of monitors, channels specifically relating to the drops weeks prior. You will always be prepared before and during the drops. We will help guide you, answer questions, offer Q&A sessions on voice, and much more! Nobody cares about our friends & family like we do.

Support Team

We are a global group of individuals who are always available to assist you. Our staff is more than happy to answer your questions, walk you through setting up a server, learning about proxies, or even there for a late night discussion about what you should eat on vacation. We are all the same, everyone must start somewhere, there is no wrong questions, but we will be sure to provide the best answers we can. We aren’t here to chase clout, we are here for you and the family!

Exclusive Information

Luckily we have built strong bridges with some of the best providers and talented individuals in the community. We will provide you with exclusive information for every release to give you an upper hand. We work extremely hard acquiring information to help our team. Benefit from this information by joining! Rather than argue about who had it first, we do the work and take pride in it.

Becoming A Member

At OFF we have always believed in being fair. We currently offer new memberships based on who our current members vote to bring in. We choose our friends, we invite our family. To keep a positive environment, minimize toxic behavior, and help each other grow, our current decision means you have to be invited or apply for a chance to join. You are more than welcome to apply. Everyone is responsible for their personal invites.



Shopify Monitor

Shopify monitor is currently powered by GUAP. With over 150+ sites and growing daily, you can utilize our quick tasks to beat the competition on releases & restocks. GUAP is known for it’s extremely fast speeds & bot specific channels with ATC/QT links. They are a a premium monitor provider that offer a limited tool to help you on your journey of success.


Adidas & Nike SNKRS Monitor

Adidas: US | UK

Nike: US | UK | CN | JP

We provide you with monitors for Adidas/Nike drops around the globe. When Nike drops the image for you to scratch, you will know which to scratch before the release. We have multiple monitors for both to always guarantee nothing is missed, and best of all catching those restocks.


AIO Monitor

Sivas | Solebox | Off-White | Porter | Soto | SSense | Mesh + Restocks (Foot Patrol) | BSTN | END | FYE | Forbidden Planet | Boxlunch | Hot Topic

Many other monitors are available!


Our Community

OFF literally stands for {Only Friends & Family}. Respectful staff and members alike, we do not allow anyone to be made fun of for wanting to learn. We will prepare you as best we could, but it all comes down to your will. Tons of information, support, discussions, and knowledgeable people, your best interest is always at heart. Join to build genuine relationships with like minded people. You are the priority.



We do our best to provide early links for our members. If we do not have an early link, we won’t try to make up any excuses. The good part is, we’ve been around for a long time and we are always well prepared for a drop. We always have ATC links and other resources that give you that edge when it’s very much needed. We got you covered!

Resell Advice

Our staff and members have an extensive background in reselling. Many of us run our own businesses now using this information. Advice from staff, members, and our partners, this information can be found in it’s respective channel. If you need more details pertaining to a specific item and it’s potential, you are always welcome to ask and start a discussion. Learn the market, understand trends, and profit while having fun!

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